3.75 Quart Compobond® kit for
3.75 Quart Compobond® kit for
3.75 Quart Compobond® kit for
3.75 Quart Compobond® kit for

    3.75 Quart Compobond® kit for "open" wall Delam Repair, Trowel Grade

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    Excellent product fixing water damaged RV siding and delaminated camper walls. Delamination happens when water gets in the wall and the layers in the plywood separate because the plywood glue dissolves. Our Composet Compobond® laminating epoxy can be used to glue plywood, foam, wood, fiberglass and metal back together.

    This can kit is used when the delaminated wall is "open" and you can access the repair area with a roller, trowel, or brush. The epoxy is a flowable paste that is too thick to inject. It works on tight parts, as well as fills intermittent gaps to 1/8".

    The kit includes 3.75 quarts of Composet Compobond® RV wall laminating epoxy, steel application trowel, 9" adhesive roller sleeve, adhesive spreader, mix cups, mix sticks, gloves & instructions, and project support.

    Requires rolling, fixturing, and 24-hour clamping. Coverage for this kit is about 50-60 square feet depending on surface. Application Temperature Range: 60F to 80 F. Not recommended for dark graphics or dark colored siding. Heavy Duty Roller highly recommended.

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    Visit the RV Siding Repair and Fabrication Guide for more information


    CompoBond 3.75 Qt Kit
    CompoBond 1.25 quart A/B 3
    large mix cups 3
    gloves (ea) 6
    large stir sticks 2
    10" large notch trowel 1
    spreader 2
    adhesive roller sleeve 1
    Instructions 1
    CompoBond MSDS 1