Read this great DIY article by a veteran RV’er who shares his experience repairing delamination on his full-time rig.

This comprehensive, independent review on Composet Products LLC RV Delamination Repair products will help you understand this unique process.

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What is Delamination?

Delamination happens when the layers of a composite RV wall begin to come apart. The main cause of delamination is a leak that allows water into the wall. Typically this happens at windows, vents, lights, roof lines, etc., where caulking is sometimes the only barrier to outside elements.

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How do you use the Composet Products RV Wall Delam Repair Kits to fix a delaminated wall?

To learn how to use the Composet Products RV Wall Delam Repair Kits we have a comprehensive video on the process here.

Epoxy Injection for RV wall repair

Repairing the delaminated wall on you RV using a do-it-yourself RV Delmaination Repair Kit.

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